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Brilliant Business System

The :10 Minute Manicure business system has been finely tuned to deliver on our brand promise of convenience, speed, quality, and service. :10 Minute Manicure takes the mystery out of manicure.  As the nail care industry  morphed from a once a month luxury to a personal grooming must, much like the haircut,  nail salons have popped up everywhere--but do you trust them?
When brainstorming this idea, :10 Minute Manicure founders listed all the elements they wanted to see in a nail care concept
and the result is : sterilized tools, consistent service levels, cool atmosphere, great products, and services that fit their busy schedules.

Distinctive Look
The :10 Minute Manicure decor promotes relaxation and comfort, where clients can make the most of their moments of self-indulgence.

“I’ve seen people literally stop in their tracks
when they see the :10 Minute Manicure marquee.
They look at their watch and say, 'wow, I have 10 minutes.'"
         Lorraine O’Neil 
         Co-founder, Partner

Superb Health & Safety Standards
Customers rely on :10 Minute Manicure  to go above and beyond in the effort to prevent the spread of fungal, bacterial, and viral infections.  You’ll adhere to our high standards of sterilization, which help eliminate health and safety issues and further distinguishes the :10 Minute Manicure brand. Consistent,

Consistent, Quality Services
All :10 Minute Manicure salons follow standardized procedures and services, so your customers will know what to expect when they enter your store.

Private Label Products
Another exciting aspect of the exceptional :10 Minute Manicure franchise is the high-end, private label products you’ll use on clients and offer for sale.

Effective Store Design
Your :10 Minute Manicure facility may range in size from 100 to 1,200 square feet, as dictated by location. Regardless of size, the units are efficiently designed to best utilize space, with many components built in. Your store will be compact but never cramped!